How to prepare for life after the lockdown


Time is precious and Afrika Kesho encourages you to make this lock-down as productive as you can. This will not only pay off when you have fun learning new things, but you might also earn yourself a few bucks with your new skills. Here’s how to prepare yourself for the “new normal” :

Personal Development

Spend more time on self-development. Identify which skills and hobbies can make you money, and which ones you are passionate about – and see whether you can merge them. Flesh out your plan for the next 3 years and identify what you can during this time to help you achieve those goals. Don’t forget the most important part: Implement the plan.

Digital Skills

This pandemic has shown the weakness of physical systems and the blatant need for the digitization of many industries. An example of something you can do to prepare yourself for this digitization is  to start tooling yourself with digital skills. You can use resources such as for an extensive library of free courses about things ranging from public speaking to web development.

A great resource that I have used a couple of times is Google’s Digital Skills for Africa, which you can find at

Financial Skills

The lockdown provides a great opportunity learn how to be more money savvy. Try to identify places where you can cut down on costs, find out what kind of investor you are, and choose the best stockbroker for you, amongst other things. You can read up and share financial information from to help improve your financial life.

Another great resource is and their podcast, The Fat Wallet Show, they go to the extent for suggesting that you spend this time re-evaluating your financial life by reading through ALL of your financial documents and trying to make better decisions for after this pandemic.


An easy way to have fun while learning a new skill is to DIY – Do It Yourself. You can learn how to mend and alter your clothes, how to do basic repairs around your house or your car. Check out some videos on YouTube and Facebook.

This is also the perfect time to experiment with cooking, Pinterest has many simple recipes that you can try at home.

Try to find practical DIY skills that will not only help you fix short term problems, but also gain long term skills that you could eventually monetize. Not only will these skills make life during lockdown more manageable, but they can save you considerable amounts of money in the future.

All the best from Afrika Kesho

We hope you’ll find this information useful and that implementing it will tangibly help you. Don’t forget to wash your hands frequently and wear a mask when you go out in public. Take care of yourself, and happy investing.


This article was written by Tumelo Koko.

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