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What We Do

Afrika Kesho is a financial education institution. We offer workshops and presentations on financial literacy. The topics we cover range from budgeting, money making, money management and debt management, all the way to investing.


Our dream is to see a prosperous and united Africa, and we aim to help create that Africa  by encouraging a collective financial vision – whereby people do not just subscribe to the notion of “I am because you are” but also to the doctrine of “I am wealthy because you are.”


We educate people about finances and help to cultivate good financial habits. The ultimate goal is to increase participation in ownership of assets, the eradication of bad debt, and the inclusion of young ones in the dialogue around the money.

Help Us

Afrika Kesho is a financial education institution. We will be introducing financial literacy workshops as of 2020. However, to do so we need funding for venue booking, food for the guests, transport costs, and branding equipment, amongst other things. Please donate to this cause and follow us on all our social media pages, the links are at the bottom.

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